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Senior High School

The Senior High School (SHS) Program comprises of two years that resonates the k-12 Basic Education's goal to prepare gradates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship. Specifically, Yesu offers General Academic Stand (GAS) under the Academic track with both academic and technical and vocational-based elective choices that include: Pre-calculus, Basic Calculus, CSS 1 and 2, Bread and Pastry 1 and 2, Korean Language Learning, among others.

Extra Curriculars 

Senior high school students of Yesu Maeul Christian Academy participate in both academic and non-academic activities and competition inside and outside the school. As big brothers and sisters at Yesu, they are encouraged to demonstrate social responsibility and leadership in various school, inter-school, and community undertaking with the end of guiding and leading them towards being persons for others and God.

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